About Saksoft

Saksoft is a leading provider of Information Management solutions to successful organizations around the world. We deliver success by helping clients to consolidate, organize and manage the vast volumes of data they collect.

We work on data sources that are often disparate and complex, to provide access to accurate, relevant and high quality information. By being better informed, we empower users to make key decisions and implement strategies for making their organizations more successful.

From strategic consultancy and the delivery of niche technical services, to a complete Information Management solution, Saksoft offers end-to-end solutions, together with support and training. Our complementary services in Web Development and Testing bring an unmatched value proposition to our customers.

Our service offerings can be summarized into:

Strategy: The development and implementation of a pragmatic, value-driven strategic 'roadmap' for solution and service delivery.

Solution: The development and implementation of information management capability, testing, application development and resource augmentation.

Service: To support the ongoing use and exploitation of the delivered solution, including training, skills transfer and managed services.

To better understand how we can turn your data into actionable information, contact us at info@saksoft.com

We partner not to just provide solutions but to deliver success to all the stakeholders. Our partners are best in the industry and help companies outpace its competitors. Together with our partners, we deliver the best of breed solutions that are unmatched in quality and technological superiority. To become a partner or to know about any of partnerships, email info@saksoft.com

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