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Chennai, India

50-100 Employees

Private Ltd.

IT and Software Services

About Us

CloudNow Technologies (CNT) is a SaaS based product solution provider, aligns its proprietary software applications towards solving simple business problems. With integration capabilities in Big Data, Data Migration and Data Analytics, CNT looks for ways to solve Data Mobility issues. It is CNT’s goal to provide actionable metrics using products driven by business intelligence and delivering dashboard based solutions. CNT is also one of the leading Google Partners in South India, with offices in Chennai, Coimbatore and Puducherry. However, we service customers in all parts of the world.

CNT has also developed its own proprietary products like Chutti and Akku. Chutti is a cloud-based Leave Management Application, designed for companies. Akku is a cloud-based tool that allows cloud based emailing solutions to work in a controlled proprietary environment. CNT though platform agnostic, has considerable expertise in building software apps on MEAN stack and SOA based architecture.

Creating an efficient work environment through technology.

The convergence of technology to the cloud has begun and Cloudnow Technologies wishes to be avant-garde in it's pursuit of excellence in cloud technologies.

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