20+ Employees

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Pvt Ltd

Recruitment & Staffing

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About Us

  • TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. is an auxiliary resource for clients and we are delighted to present the proposal that best describes our services; scope of operating, technology and stability. We enable our clients by tested and proven methods in moving to the next level from the current state of achieving their business goals in current day business challenges.
  • We act as a catalyst that works towards accomplishing the betterment of the client firms through various verticals, such as training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and entrepreneurship in a professional manner.
  • Our collaborative efforts with various partner firms work towards the culmination of better performing employees as well as a profitable business and become a brand in the market.

Vission & Mission

  • Our company is created with a vision to create maximum employment & maximum leaders globally.
  • We are here to fulfill our commitments to clients with a clear understanding of the deadline and urgency they have to consummate their requirements
  • .
  • To nurture individuals and organizations achieve their goals in a systematic manner.
  • To be a sought after global organization, enabling our clients see and experience value in what we do.

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