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The Yahoo! saga began as the result of the passion two Stanford research students had for the Internet. What started as a hobby for David Filo and Jerry Yang soon turned out be one of the biggest success stories in the history of the Internet, touching the lives of more than 345 million people worldwide.

Yahoo! India

Set up in 2000, Yahoo! India is a subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc providing Internet services, technological tools and marketing solutions for businesses both in India and internationally. It offers an array of products and services such as Search, Communications services like mail, messenger, calendar, chat, greetings, clubs, and photos, and various commercial services, such as shopping, auctions, finance, and travel, as well as content and media programming services such as sports, cricket, music, movies, news, jobs, greetings, matrimony and games through partnerships with various content providers.

Yahoo! Research & Development India

The Yahoo R&D center’s core activity includes developing innovative technologies and global product platforms for Yahoo Inc. The R&D center focuses on Product Engineering, Technology Research, Market Innovation and Engineering Services.

The Product Engineering Group builds global platforms and applications for high quality software systems. The group works in partnership with businesses to meet evolving market challenges and co-ordinate with engineering teams worldwide. The Technology Research Group builds high-value technologies that improve or change user behavior. The Market Innovation Group aims at establishing value propositions for technologies in user and business analysis.

The Global Solutions Delivery (Y!GSD) group’s activities can be broadly classified into Engineering Services and Business Services.
Engineering Services consists of providing a broad and comprehensive range of application, infrastructure and infrastructure services to Yahoo Inc. These include custom application development and deployment, sustenance and service engineering, monitoring and supporting mission critical infrastructure and applications, quality and performance engineering. Business Services are in the nature of content management, collation and editing, categorization, etc. which are focused on enhancing End User Experience.
These are done in partnership with various groups in Yahoo Inc, spread across multiple geographies.
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