Syntel is a leading global provider of Information Technology and Knowledge Processing services. We help global enterprises evolve their core IT applications, infrastructure and business processes by leveraging intelligent automation, scaled agile development and cloud computing solutions. Our digital services enable clients to engage their customers, discover new insights, and create more connected enterprises.

Since our inception in 1980, we have been a trusted partner that clients rely on to deliver the skills, insight and guidance to propel their businesses forward.

Our Differentiators

Our solutions leverage automation to run the business with greater agility and efficiency, while harnessing digital technologies to change the business to drive innovation, business agility and competitive advantage for our clients.

Culture and Values

An Entrepreneurial Culture

Syntel's entrepreneurial culture encourages employees to think and act like company owners, delivering a culture of opportunity, choice, and ownership.

Choice - Employees tell us that we offer more choice and career options than our competitors.

Opportunity - We call it freedom of lateral movement.

Ownership - We empower our employees to take risks, develop creative solutions, and do whatever it takes to make it happen for our customers.


Syntel is founded in integrity, and our five business values create a more AGILE environment that enables Syntellers to exceed our clients’ expectations:

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