KOSHY CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. (KOSHY), is one of the oldest and leading Overseas Placements Company in India, in particular with regards to employment in the Middle East, servicing a wide range of clients. KOSHY has been established with the main objective of assisting overseas clients in their efforts to recruit suitable staff effectively and efficiently from India.

KOSHY has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  and included in their panel of agencies   to assist delegates from the Ministry of Health in mobilizing Hospital  staff  - Doctors, Nursing Staff, Paramedical Staff and Bio-medical Staff -  for  Hospitals under their  Ministry in the Kingdom.  

KOSHY has a national network for mobilization of suitable staff so that the requirements fulfilled within the stipulated time and the selection is done strictly according to the required qualifications and experience.  KOSHY always work on the principle that a satisfied client is always a client.

KOSHY is registered with the Ministry of Labor, Government of India, for providing assistance to Overseas Companies in mobilization, interviewing, selection and final deployment of various categories of staff from India, vide their registration no. 02032/DEL/COM/1000/3/3661/93. The registered office of KOSHY is at 63, Amrit Nagar, N.D.S.E. Part-I, New Delhi- 110003. The office is strategically located close to the various embassies, consulates in Delhi, the labor ministry, airlines and emigration offices and all other concerned departments.

KOSHY is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, as a private limited company. Mr. P.J.Koshy, Managing Director, has been working as a Consultant of Manpower Recruitment, Emigration and other legal matters for over three decades.

KOSHY has a history of offering its clients the benefit of its vast experience in the field of recruitment, particularly for the international market. KOSHY is a full service recruitment firm providing a single point solution for all manpower recruitments, in varied fields.


Since its establishment, KOSHY has been known for its integrity, efficiency and high degree of involvement of its directors with respect to each client. KOSHY’S reputation is founded on the simple philosophy of personal, prompt service and advice relevant to the modern recruitments and demands of international business.


KOSHY understands the recruitments of its clients and the objectives of  its clients and assist them at all stages of business thereby assisting them in hiring qualified and experienced manpower, for achieving the desired goal with efficiency and success.


KOSHY’S clients whatsoever their size and their recruitment wheresoever and whensoever can be in touch with the staff of KOSHY. During ongoing projects and otherwise too the staff of KOSHY is available and at the disposal of the client 24/7 irrespective of the size of the transaction.


At KOSHY each client enjoys a high level of personal service and has the advantage of discussing his or her problems with the Directors of the Company on a one to one basis.

KOSHY has extensive experience, especially in the field of mobilization and deployment of Hospital Staff - Doctors, Nursing Staff, Paramedical Staff and Biomedical Staff.

It is a constant endeavor at KOSHY to meet the client’s requirement to the satisfaction of the client. How best serve the clients is what propels and guides KOSHY in its drive for excellence and perfection.


We at KOSHY, for all projects employ the concept of a ‘project team’ approach so that the clients have the benefit of access to all the Companies resources and a constant up date on the project proceedings on a stage to stage basis. We aim and focus on the minutest of details and address all the concerned issues and ensure that the selection, documentation and deployment process is conducted and carried out as smoothly as possible.


Koshy has a history of providing prompt and integrated service to its clients, based on their individual requirements, whatever the size and the nature of the requirements may be. It is well appreciated by KOSHY, that time is the essence and KOSHY from its vast experience and dealings knows how to respect it. Quick and quality turnaround is the motto of every member at KOSHY.


KOSHY recognizes and practices the international standards of manpower recruitment while serving its clients. Whether domestic or international KOSHY provides a very high standard of service. KOSHY provides international standard facilities at its offices. KOSHY is well connected through the intern with its network of offices and clients. KOSHY is technologically sound to handle any type of requirements and demands for manpower whether the demand is for Hospital Staff, IT Staff, Engineering  Staff for Manufacturing, Maintenance, Oil & Gas Industries, Automobile Industries, the experience and expertise gained in the past assisting various types of industries, KOSHY will be in a position to meet any challenge in the field of mobilization of manpower, interview, selection and final deployment of any number of personnel within the stipulated time and to theentire satisfaction of our clients.

The selection procedure differs from client to client. Whenever there is a requirement for personnel to be deployed from India, the requirement is forwarded by the client detailing the categories of the staff required.

On receipt of the said requirement, if the categories of staff required are already available in the data bank, the demand will be confirmed to the client immediately. In case where the required categories are not available, the said requirement is mobilized through our regional office and other contacts who are deployed in other regions, through the local and national newspapers, specialized employment magazines and through our website.

Once the CV’s are short listed, we revert to the client with the details of the prospective candidates. It is thereby the option of the client whether or not to depute
their own delegates and conduct interviews prior to the grant of the visas. However, more often the client entrusts with us the work of screening, interviewing, selection and deployment strictly according to the requirement laid down by the company and deploy them within the time limit. During certain circumstances we also work and select the candidates on the basis of certain basic requirements, which are laid down by the client in the format of a checklist, in accordance with which the candidates are selected.

In case where the client prefers to send their own delegates to complete the work of deployment, KOSHY would be responsible for providing all the assistance and facilities to conduct a smooth and effective work of conducting the final selection. KOSHY conducts a preliminary screening before placing the details of the prospective candidates before the delegates for final selection.

Finally, after the completion of selection of the suitable candidates, the client is required to issue the visa documents authorizing KOSHY to complete the work of endorsement of visa, obtain emigration and confirm the seats for travel.

On the above being completed successfully, KOSHY would send a confirmation to the client abut the proposed date of departure of these candidates, so that these candidates will be received by the representative of the client upon arrival.

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